Sandra Thoma

Sandra writes about sharing the journey of sailing and flying with her husband in the plane he built. She loves taking her readers along on the adventure – the good ones and the knuckle-biters. She’s written a monthly column for Fresh Water News, was featured in Voice Catcher, Sport Aviation and 48 North. She is a Physicist and Programmer by training and Voyager by inclination. Sandra began writing in earnest when she moved aboard her sailboat and the Salish Sea captured her imagination. In a previous life, she operated a Particle Accelerator. Her continued love of science colors her work.

She and her Husband travel in a Van’s Aircraft, RV-7A, and a land-based Airstream RV. They are currently building an Airpark home in Northeast Tennessee, far from their Pacific Northwest roots.

Sandra goes by the call sign “Sunshine”, and is known as CaptSandy on Vans Air Force (VAF), where she is a regular contributor.